Hi, thanks for stopping by Fluctuar.com! You are about to dive into a site totally dedicated to all those people who use dating apps, or to the curious ones who don't feel like it yet but are seriously considering it.

The truth is that our team has been using this method to find a partner and meet people online for several years, and we already know some tips that we would like to share with you to improve your experience, and meet someone special within a wide variety of dating platforms.

Learn how to use the best apps for dating, meeting people and finding a partner

On our site you will find a series of articles that answer the most frequently asked questions about downloading, registering, using and managing the most popular dating apps.

We also have some sections dedicated to technical aspects, such as how to solve some of the errors that occur quite often on dating sites and apps, or articles where we will help you to better configure your account to get the most out of it.

Discover and practice the best tips for flirting and finding love

But not only do we have the best guides and tips on how to use dating apps and sites like Badoo, we have also written a wide range of articles on how to improve your profile and get better results.

Often you don't get the desired responses when you first start using these apps. However, with a few tweaks to the profile, the situation is likely to be reversed.

And, in truth, the profile is very important in how responsive we can be. Having nice photos of yourself is not the same as having photos uploaded to the Internet, nor is showing yourself doing interesting things (that you love) the same as uploading photos with a blank face or selfies that are too forced or full of filters.

The text that accompanies the photo is also important. People who see you should want to know a little more about you, but for that you have to leave some clues to start a conversation. And don't forget: humor is never missing…. Who doesn't want to have a good time?

On the other hand… Have you met someone special on a dating app and would like to speed up the connection a bit? Maybe that person doesn't connect to the app anymore, maybe they uninstalled it and their profile was forgotten among the thousands of others? In a considerable number of cases, it can be useful to try to find that person's profile on other social networks. Simple… Right?

Or, maybe you're looking at profiles and you come across someone you don't want to see or contact, you have the option to block them. If you're not sure how to do this, or if you want to know what happens when you block someone on the app, read the specific articles we have on this topic.

Discover all this and more, browse the different categories to find the most useful content for you!

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