How to Find a Partner on Facebook?

Nowadays, social networks are the most used connection tool for young people and not so young people to meet people. In years past, establishing contacts with others was very different from these days. Now you don't need to leave home to have conversations with different people and find a partner on Facebook for free, you just need to be connected to the internet through a mobile phone or computer.

Since its creation, the social network Facebook has risen tremendously high and its fame lies in the fact that by opening a portal we can see the entire life of a person.

And it's not an exaggeration, we can literally appreciate intimate details of someone like their hobbies, studies, jobs and thoughts. We can also see photos and videos of personal moments. So it is almost impossible not to analyze a third party's social environment through its profile.

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If you still don't know the love of your life, it is time to join the most active social network in the whole world, through your profile you will be able to meet thousands of people and among them could be the love of your life. You may already have an active profile, but if it has not worked, you may not know how to use all the tricks to get the attention of the opposite sex.

Next we invite you to learn how to get the most out of your Facebook profile so that sooner than you think love will come knocking on your door.


  1. How to search for a partner on Facebook
    1. Attractive profile
    2. Seductive cover
    3. Public profile
    4. Accept all friendships
    5. Ideal match facebook and your wall - Discover why they are needed.

How to search for a partner on Facebook

Attractive profile

Keep in mind that the first thing that others see of your profile is the photo, so don't hesitate to become very cute, sexy and provocative photos for it. Ideally, your face should be seen, have a session of selfies and choose a very striking photo where you can see all your tributes.

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It is important to make it clear to the girls that you don't have to be grotesque to be sexy so don't get mortified by showing too much, a nice makeup and light clothes will suffice. Don't forget to smile, that detail is extremely important and it will surely win you more than an interested follower.

Seductive cover

If you still don't understand what the cover page is, you should know that it's the image behind your profile photo, a well worked cover page is essential to make a difference.

If your face is visible on your profile, the cover page would ideally show your body, so this is the time to have a photo shoot in open, wide and bright areas.

The use of the landscapes is very attractive in these cases, imagine yourself in the sunset of a beautiful afternoon or on the beach. Show those who visit your profile that you are an adventurer who is not afraid to be in touch with nature.

If you're going to look for a date on facebook we recommend you not to put so many photos with friends on the cover and much less on the profile, that can send a wrong message because many people could imply that the person who accompanies you is your romantic partner.

Another thing that is valid for the covers are the short sentences, this gives a positive message from you to others, showing wisdom and tenacity is always a good touch and it will give you a great deal to talk about your personality. If you're not very creative, look for thoughts of illustrious characters in the story, don't be overwhelmed in the search, just use short messages that leave a nice reflection.

Public profile

All Facebook accounts have security options and one of them is to make the profiles free or protected, when we say free is that anyone who does a search with your name is your friend or not on Facebook can look at your entire profile without restrictions.

That is the idea we are looking for, it would be the main intention that all future prospects can enjoy your profile and of course be interested in you.

If we look at the counterpart of a private profile where only your friends and acquaintances can see your photos and publications, we see that the scale is low, so that no one will ever be able to investigate and take an interest in you.

So the next time you're on your Facebook profile, you should set up your account management so that it's never private again, at least until you have the love at your side.

Accept all friendships

Having many friends is the first step to finding a partner, Facebook's genius is that you can make thousands of friends in just a second and not only in your geographical area, you can literally make friends from different parts of the world.

That detail is very positive, if you are still looking for love you should never refuse any friend request, keep in mind that if someone is interested in you the first step of approach is to send you a friend request or a private message request.

Keep an open mind be positive and respond very politely to all requests, if what you see is to your liking you can go up level to be a little picaresque. Leave the shyness aside that even if you do not achieve love for sure you will have a nice friendship.

You can also apply to be accepted as a friend by joining a group of single men and women facebook (There are a few).

Ideal match facebook and your wall - Discover why they are needed.

It is important that you have the wall of your profile very well updated and there is no better way to do it than through photographs. Imagine that your possible perfect partner is looking at your wall and finds it empty, without content, what impression do you think it will take of you?

Carrying a series of albums is a very bold strategy in these cases. The pictures are important, have several albums, with photos of the family environment, close friendships, favorite hobbies among other things, sports activities and meals we have is very cool these days, get creative and shows that you are a very active person.

Another fashionable trend is to make albums of the past, look in your drawers at home for those photos of your birthday as a child, when you were a cute baby or your school days. This strategy is very funny and tender and will surely win you followers.

Don't wait any longer to find a partner through Facebook!!

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