Phrases of Love for my Boyfriend

Language is man's most powerful tool, words can destroy or build. In the matter of love, to have gentleness and beautiful details with flattering and tender words.

It's not really easy for the person you love because it's usually cliché, cliché, or cliché, or phrases that leave a lot to think about the sincerity of the one who loves you.


words of love for my boyfriend

The ideal is to be original and sincere but a help or suggestion is never superfluous.

In this article we offer you a set of short love phrases that can help you show your loved one how much you love him or her. First of all try to be original and for them you can adapt our suggestions to expressions that match the characteristics and personality of your partner.

These phrases or expressions can also be used in your conversations by the different social networks in which you share and interact with your loved one.

Find the ideal moment, create a beautiful, romantic, special and personalized setting to share a few hours of intimacy with your partner, wife or girlfriend and keep alive the flame of love and passion with some of the phrases and expressions that we give you today to conquer the heart of the person you love with all your being.

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  1. Phrases of love for my boyfriend or girlfriend
    1. When Love Makes You Change
    2. Love as an Uncontrollable Indestructible Force
    3. Phrases of Unbridled Love
    4. Phrases That Make Skin Rise and Mind Crazy
    5. When Love Raises the Spirit

Phrases of love for my boyfriend or girlfriend

When Love Makes You Change

  • The day I met you, you were nobody and now you're everything....
  • I love you from the moment I met you and I will love you until the day you leave this world.
  • A lot of people have gone through my life without a trace, until you came along and changed everything.
  • I would come to the other side of the world to look you in the eye and tell you, I love you with all my heart
  • I'd like to wake up next to you one day when we're old and say,"See? I told you I would love you forever."
  • In every couple relationship there is jealousy, arguments, fights, but if you really love me, even the most complicated obstacles can always be overcome together.
  • I know I don't have to tell you every now and then that I love you, but I love to see you smile every time I tell you.
  • Kissing you was like flying high, high, high up to the stars
  • I'm going to wait for you in my treasure chest so you'll never leave.
  • The first kiss you gave me was not with your lips, but with your eyes.
  • I don't care how much you argue with me, I don't care what the rest of people say, I don't care what you think. I just love you
  • Only the moon is witness to the number of nights I've been awake, dreaming of the exact words to fall in love with you.
  • How do I know I love you? because of you I put up with all those things that I can't take from others.
  •  The best moments and the best things happen when you least expect it and that's exactly what happened with our first kiss.
  • If by any chance I am lost or if you didn't hear me, in case you don't have it clear or if you need to hear it again: I love you!

Love as an Uncontrollable Indestructible Force

  • Distance does not break a love if it is true, because words embrace and caress, messages comfort and listen to your voice is like whispering in my ear that you love me.
  • I don't need more kisses than you give me, I don't need more affection and caresses than yours, I don't need more sighs than yours. I love only you and no one else.
  • Do I need to confess again that I'm dying to be by your side every goddamn second of my life?
  • I love you, and no matter how much they try to separate us, nothing will change it.
  • Let's sleep with caresses on our skin and wake up with kisses all over our bodies.
  • I have something with you that I hope I don't have with anyone else.
  • The worst of all is not that I think about you from the time I wake up until I go to bed, but that every night I dream about you...
  • Forgive me for thinking so much about you, for not being the same as before, for taking you out on all the topics of conversation, for having fallen in love so quickly.
  • Today is the second anniversary of our first kiss. For days like that and many others, I want to spend my life with you.
  • Those little moments at your side are eternal memories for my soul.
  • I would say so many things to you looking at you, but many more whispering to you
  • Since the day I met you, I've never waited for anyone else.
  • Neither Coke nor coffee stimulates me as much as a message from you.
  • I don't want us to have a short film "forever", but a "little by little" for life.
  • Remember when I told you I'd be there for you in good times and bad? Well, now you know it was a real promise.
  • Even though you have no wings, when you embrace me we rise to the top of the sky
  • A true couple doesn't mean that they have the same ideas, but that they get into everything.
  • How can I forget you if I discovered with you that angels exist
  • There are days I miss you. On the other hand, others... too.
  • Some of us tend to choose someone who leaves out other people... And you're my chosen one.
  • Whisper a kiss to me, put your hand on my chest and see how my heartbeat spikes.
  • When you see that I don't say anything, look me in the eye, for my gaze will tell you everything.
  • When I name you in conversations with my friends, my mind and lips are flooded with "it's beautiful","perfect" and "I love her with all my being".
  • How can I not look for you if I miss you. How can I not dream of you if I think about you all day long. How can I not want to kiss you if I love you
  • It is the fault of both of us, for liking each other so much and at the same time tiring, missing each other, not putting up with each other and starting all over again.
  • I don't want to wake up, because in my dreams you're standing next to me all the time.

Phrases of Unbridled Love

  • In this love thing there is no logic, mathematics, sanity, reasoning or brain. I love you with madness, without thinking, with all my heart and soul.
  • I don't know if this is caprice or love, but what I am sure of is that every moment I am at your side is perfect.
  • I dream so much about you that my bed already knows who you are. In fact, every night he asks me about you.
  • Since you said "I love you," my heart beats faster and time has stopped.
  • Being jealous is one more way to show you how scared I am of losing you.
  • Come hug me and make me yours and don't let go till dawn.
  • It's not crazy, I'm just looking at my cell phone every moment until you talk to me.
  • From the moment I met you I had a dream: my love, you are my dream.
  • Now that we are separated by distance, it is our memories that keep me clinging to you.
  • You're capable of making me yours, even a thousand miles away. How could I not fall in love with you?
  • My fears leave the moment you hug me and assure me that everything will be all right.
  • I love you, period. There's no why. It's that simple. So ALWAYS.
  • Seconds control time, yet you control every second of my life.
  • The other day I talked to my mind about my fears, told her that I knew you and that I loved you and suddenly they all vanished.

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Phrases That Make Skin Rise and Mind Crazy

  • Let that beautiful silence envelop us as we make love.
  • I want to stop thinking about you and crashing into the reality of not having you in my arms.
  • I wouldn't mind knowing the consequences of running into your lips.
  • My thoughts are called like you, because you are the only person I think about night and day.
  • I feel so much love for you on that day that I was shaking so much, and instead of tucking me in you took off your clothes with me.
  • There are people for whom we would do anything, even stumble upon the same stone over and over again. And that's you.
  • Your words ignite me, but your gestures trigger my madness.
  • You're that star I'd like to reach in heaven.
  • We must enjoy the night, forget about the uncertain future, to make way for the purest and most passionate love.
  • We just said goodbye and I miss you already.
  • You and I fit in perfectly, not because we think the same way, but because we think together.
  • There is no better pen to write love verses than your lips caressing my skin.
  • When I saw you, you left me speechless. You're stealing my heart today. What will be next? My sanity?
  • I want you by day, by night, in the right and wrong, whether it's cold or hot and without clothes of course.
  • There are moments when my silence cries out what my words cannot express.
  • I know I sail aimlessly, but wherever I find you, that will be my destiny.
  • I never thought I could hate and love you so much at once.
  • It's me who smiles, and the reason is only you.
  • My entertainment to love you, my aspiration to have you.

When Love Raises the Spirit

  • Feeling your words are the best coffee of every morning.
  • Since you've come into my life I haven't stopped collecting your good morning, your smiles, your whispers, your looks.
  • I'd give you a kiss for every breath I take.
  • I've already prepared my eyes for when we meet again.
  • Now I know what love means. It means spending the whole day thinking about a person, like I think about you.
  • Your mouth says no, but your eyes are shouting at me to go.
  • I can't remember any more how many kisses I dreamt I'd give you if we were alone.
  • I don't want to have you by my side for hours, days or months... I want to have you by my side ALWAYS.
  • I wish you as something forbidden, as if I were running the greatest risk of my life in trying, as no one has ever loved.
  • Do not judge my silence, for it is full of words of love for you.
  • With you, I would do everything I've never wanted to do with anyone else.
  • I write these words because I remember you, I remember you because I miss you, and I miss you because I love you.
  • If you were able to see inside of me and read my thoughts, you would understand everything, why I pretend I don't care when reality is hopelessly in love with you.
  • Those glittering eyes of yours, they lack a look like mine.


Definitely love is a feeling that moves hearts and inspires even the coldest soul. Being in love is like a drug that invades the human mind and allows us to establish spaces of affective creativity and ingenuity to get the heart of the loved one.

However, the idea is not to use these phrases of love in special moments such as a birthday or Valentine's Day, but on the contrary, they should be used when they are least expected, in spaces of daily and everyday life that make the person we love feel attended to, thought out and regularly desired.

It is necessary to remember that love is like a little plant that must be watered with a certain frequency but don't drown that little plant either, if we exaggerate in flattery and compliments we will sound very false and we could cause the opposite effect to the one that we really look for and of nothing will be useful this repertoire of beautiful phrases that we suggest to you.

With naturalness until owner of these expressions of affection, personalise and potentiate them with looks of true love and tender and sweet hugs always trying to make you feel happy who you love without harassing him excessively so that he does not feel that we are cheesy or "sticky".

These phrases of love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, is a beautiful feeling loaded with thousands of emotions and spiritual purity. Enjoy it!

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