Phrases of Life and Love to Reflect On

In the film Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks said that "life was like a box of chocolates, because you could never know what you were going to get. On this occasion, many of the most famous thoughts and phrases of short life and love have been gathered that will make you delve deeper into this subject.

It is about a little more than 100 phrases belonging to different important characters of the society of all times, such as singers, writers, businessmen, artists, politicians, among others, who have as a common factor the fact that they were successful in the transit of their lives.

The phrases you will find here will give you a different perspective of everything around you and develop your reflective thinking as well as your creativity.  You will also discover some traces of hope, affection, fraternity, stimulation, progress, happiness, but also sadness, anger and disappointment.

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Some of these texts will make themselves known to you because they have been taken from TV shows and music that you may have heard.

What do you think about when you go to bed to reflect? What comes to mind when you lie in bed thinking? Purposes for the future? A loved one? Maybe your family? Thoughts about your own being, your own virtues, fears and ambitions?  Facts that are worth bragging about or feeling ashamed of?

In this sense, the main question AND... most important of all, are you sure that everything that goes through your mind is a fragment of your real life?

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Just as we have organized this summary of thoughts, we invite you to form your own compilation of phrases. In this way you will be able to participate in the reflection of many other people about life, as well as how beautiful and complex it can sometimes become.

Also, if you like it, share these phrases in your different social networks or you can even let us know your particular list of thoughts. We encourage you not to have a single one left to read, as they do not have a specific organization.

  1. The best phrases of life and love
    1. Beautiful Life Phrases
    2. Real Life Phrases
    3. Short life phrases to think about

The best phrases of life and love

  • People who cannot reflect on their own, simply do not reflect. Oscar Wilde.
  • It is said that the triumph is given according to what you sweat. The greater your sweat, the greater your triumph. Ray Kroc.
  • The actions you perform for yourself vanish when parts of this land. The actions you perform for others are the inheritance you will leave after your departure. Kalu Ndukwe Kalu.
  • You will never reach victory if you go the easy way, only if you try hard.  Joe Girard.

As you will notice, in this text it can be seen that to reach your goals or purposes in life you must overcome various obstacles, whether in studies or work life will always be uphill. Thanks to this phrase, many people realize that life is not all roses.

Beautiful Life Phrases

  • There is no mentor greater than the most terrible event in a human being's life.
  • It is not about being happy without obstacles, it is about facing obstacles to be happy.
    Steve Maraboli.
  • Living is simple, we are the ones who complicate life.
  • If the moment you're waiting for doesn't come to you, believe it yourself. Milton Berle.
  • Reflect before opening your mouth, and before reflecting, take a book. Frances Ann Lebowitz.
  • Living is like riding a bicycle. When you need to stay focused, just drive straight ahead. Albert Einstein.
  • We squander the wages we are paid for in unwanted labor, in order to acquire things we don't need, in order to surprise people we don't love. Will Rogers
  • Take knowledge of the experiences of others, you will not have enough time to live them all. Groucho Marx.
  • Starting without a plan, we make it to the highest peaks of misfortune.  Groucho Marx.
  • If I had stuck to social patterns, I wouldn't have achieved what I accomplished. Marilyn Monroe.
  • Whether you think you're capable or not, that's Henry Ford.
  • When something displeases you, replace it, if it doesn't work, then replace your way of seeing things. Maya Angelou.
  • As long as you say it's difficult, you're implying that you don't have the courage to do it. Anonymous.
  • Living is not about finding oneself, but rather about building oneself. George Bernard Shaw.
  • We have a passion for what we think. Nothing will be different in our lives if it doesn't change what we think. Santosh Kalwar.

As you can see, reality is more complex than you think. It is necessary to abandon the tranquillity of the inner self if one wants to modify something.

  • A small percentage of human beings reflect, another small group claims to reflect, and everyone else chooses anything rather than think. Thomas Edison.
  • An autonomous human being does not take into account what your mind does but how it does it. Christopher Hitchens.
  • The best reflections were made known when walking. Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • If it's in your mind, it exists. Pablo Picasso.
  • Living depends on transformations, but progress is not obligatory. Be bold when choosing. Karen Kaiser Clark.
  • Don't think so much and overcome your obstacles. Lao Tzu.
  • Erring while you live is not only admirable, but it has more advantages than being a spectator. George Bernard Shaw.
  • The person who exercises authority in communications will handle the thoughts of others. Jim Morrison.

In particular, this thought of Jim Morrison is totally adapted to today's society and this is truly regrettable.  Pay attention to your daily life and you will see that society is really under the control of television and technology.

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Real Life Phrases

  • The fellow in the crowd is no one's partner. Aristotle.
  • Not that I failed, I simply stumbled upon many false paths.  Thomas Edison.
  • Run after your aspirations or you'll end up running after someone else's for a salary. Farrah Gray.
  • I do not converse with other people because I only admit my objections.  George Carlin.
  • I don't know the formula for success, but I know what it is to fail: try to please everyone. Bill Cosby.
  • Make your job a hobby and you won't have to work anymore.
  • There are falls of people who gave up when they were on top of glory. Thomas Edison.
  • You'll never advance if you always follow the rules. Frank Zappa.
  • Make decisions on your own and make others delight in the same pleasure.
  • The universe as we see it is a product of our mind. We won't transform it if we don' t
    we changed our minds. Albert Einstein.
  • Things vanish before death. There are no grounds for not obeying your instinct. Steve Jobs.
  • Meditate as many hours as necessary, but at the moment of acting, abandon reflection and resolve the situation. Napoleon.
  • Don't rate others for their answers, but rate them for their questions.
  • Believing that all people are alike means that all people have the same thought. Westerfeld.
  • There are people who make a myriad of arguments to answer why they don't work on what they want, but what they really need is an argument that it is possible. Anonymous
  • The soul of a human being is under the control of his innermost thoughts. Bruce Lee.
  • We exist as we reflect. We become our reflections.
  • What distinguishes the triumph of misery is the courage of the spirit. Lolly Daskal.
  • What we say is determined by what we reflect on. Jonathan Price.
  • Fortune does not belong to the one who possesses the most, but to the one who requires the least. Anonymous
  • You can be lucky without owning too much. Boris Kovalík.
  • The mind allows reflection, but the heart allows to know. Anonymous
  • People are intelligent from birth, but they must be instructed to reflect. Edward de Bono.
  • We came up with a solution after we ran out of thought. Jill Shalvis
  • Reflecting is a difficult task, that's why not everyone does it. Henry Ford.
  • To abide by a doctrine is to exist according to the form assigned by another person. Steve Jobs.
  • Living represents a pain for those who simply dedicate themselves to feeling, but a joy for all of us.
    those who reflect. Horatio Walpole.
  • To meditate is simple, to carry out is complex and to materialize reflections is the most difficult of all.
    Reflecting people get as much learning from their triumphs as from their mistakes. John Dewey.

Short life phrases to think about

Have you ever thought about releasing a thought that reflects your way of seeing life? Discuss your experience below. Join the group of wise men who know how to face life by encouraging themselves with a nice phrase to reflect on life and love.

  • Rebellions are the result of a person's reflection.
  • If you yearn for something, the cosmos colludes in order for you to get it.
  • If being in solitude, you feel lonely you are not a good companion.
  • All I know is, I don't know anything.
  • I have been fortunate all my life, since I do not need material wealth for my joy.
  • There is no impulse in this world greater than courage.
  • To get them to love you honestly, you must first start loving them honestly.
  • Those who want to pretend that they know about all things are the ones who know the least.
  • Protect your skin, but remember to protect your spirit.
  • Celebrate your triumphs, but remember to take learning from your mistakes.
  • If you want to be cheerful, think of the simplest things and set aside the enormous aspirations.
  • In the world there is one thing more valuable than gold and silver: its name is...
  • I wish every human being could be free to choose where he wants to go.
  • Your most important belonging is not your wealth, but your stay in this life, which is why you should not waste a minute.
  • The complication is not in failing, the complication is in not recognizing it.
  • If you want to achieve victory, you must first have confidence in yourself.
  • If someone else discovers your innermost thoughts, you will be his slave for the rest of your days.
  • The more difficult obstacles you encounter along the way, the greater the success.
  • The intelligent master takes knowledge from his superiors as well as from his students.
  • Being patient will allow you to achieve your dreams.
  • The great gift you should give yourself is to delight in the present.
  • Don't harbor hope, make plans.
  • To live is not to take the product that you collect every day, to live is to sow every day.
  • Despite the obstacles, in this world every day there is a new way to achieve your goals.
  • When you wish to continue towards the front, abandon reading the last page of your experiences and start writing the next one.
  • If you want to achieve a goal, learn the rules of the game and do it more effectively than others.
  • Enjoy everyday life, this way you will have more holidays.
  • To fail is something normal of the human being, but to look for culprits among those around us is even more so.
  • Joy is not dreamed of, it is enjoyed.
  • Don't consider the plan you had planned and start taking advantage of the opportunities ahead.
  • You can simply be sure of the moment when you assume that you must live with uncertainties and live with them.
  • Stop thinking and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.
  • Living is beautiful and pleasant precisely because you don't know what is coming. Otherwise it would be monotonous and simple.
  • A true love is born the moment you begin to love yourself as you are.
  • You stay hungry. You stay hungry. Steve Jobs
  • If you're capable of dreaming something, you can do it. Walt Disney
  • There is only one way to be happy in this life: to love and be loved...
  • Don't count every day, make the days count. Muhammad Ali

More than 100 phrases of life, short, pretty, hard, love ....

Now to think and reflect...

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