Short and Pretty long Distance Love Phrases

One of the most difficult things in life is to maintain a love relationship at a distance, since love naturally demands constant physical contact and attention. Caresses, kisses and hugs are some of the most important signs of affection for those who love each other and these are not feasible if there is a great geographical distance between you and the person you love.

However, love at a distance may be possible as long as both parties are responsible and value loyalty and security as the main elements of the relationship. These are aspects that can only be demonstrated by actions, yet you can manifest your feelings in many other ways.

Today all this is much easier because there is the magic of technology, which allows you to make contact in real time with your loved one, either from your computer or smart phone no matter where in the globe you are.

distant love phrases

If you are one of those people who keep a love at a distance and want to preserve it for much longer despite the obstacles, here are some short phrases of love at a distance, which will certainly help you to tolerate the distance that separates you from the love of your life.

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    4. What's the use of long-distance love phrases?

Distance love phrases for my boyfriend

  • I detest every step that separates you from me, but I am aware that you and I will face adversity and you can be sure that on your return, you will find me in this place.
  • Regardless of where you are, I always need you close to me, but I am sure that one day we will be close to each other.
  • Don't take into account those people who make fun of love at a distance, claiming that it is not possible, I trust that we will overcome every obstacle and that we will triumph.
  • Perhaps the distance doesn't allow us to dream on the same bed, but it still doesn't prevent me from lying down and my soul flying towards you every night that we are far away.
  • It doesn't matter that the distance keeps us apart and that the space between you and me is the size of the world because my greatest reward will be that we are together for all eternity and that goal is worth every sacrifice.
  • I want every detail of your presence, but in this place with me.
  • I will accept as long as it takes, but I need you with me because you and I are one.
  • I am indifferent to the place in which you find yourself because even if you separate physically from me, you are getting closer and closer to my love.
  • All my life I've heard that separating means not remembering each other again, but I think differently because even though you're getting farther and farther away, I constantly remind you all the time.
  • The world without your presence is not a world, but even so I give you my word that I will be here as long as it takes.
  • Even though space and miles drive us away, this passion always finds us again.
  • Never give importance to the space that separates us, for all my life I will be longing for your company, as well as pampering you, kissing you and mumbling in a low voice how much I love you.
  • This affection I feel for you is incomparable, exclusive and forever, regardless of where we are, is something that will always be like this.

Phrases about the distance between two people

  • My house is the place where you are, that's why if I have to travel a long distance to see you, don't hesitate for a moment that I will travel it.
  • It is possible that love at a distance has been created only for the most solid relationships, however this relationship is invincible, that is why you should not worry.
  • One single flaw I see in you and that is that your presence is needed when I wake up every day, however it is an easy inconvenience to solve.
  • I will fight all my life for the purpose that one day we will awaken every day under the same roof, wherever you are right now.
  • If we love each other in this way when we are far away, think about how much we will love each other in the future where we are together every day.
  • When we finally get to be together every time we want to be together, at that moment I will become the happiest human being on the planet.
  • No longer imagine the space that keeps us away from each other and rather imagine the affection that unites us.
  • Keep in mind that every kilometer that separates us today is only a step to make this affection stronger, when we move forward we will reach happiness forever holding hands.
  • I am happy every day that we are far away, because not having you around has made me think of so many beautiful feelings that you have awakened in me.
  • You should not be afraid of the journey that we have to travel far away from each other, imagine the goal, that goal in which you will be with me forever.

beautiful long distance love phrases to dedicate

Phrases about distance and time - Hope of reunion

  • Sometimes, being separated is a great learning for those who love each other, it is a situation that will make them more committed and responsible beings with their love.
  • When the sun rises I wake up happy because every time there is little time left for your return and for our reunion.
  • At some point I will have the joy of waking up and observing your beautiful gaze instead of waking up to see the phone.
  • Have you noticed? I have spent many hours sending you affection and caresses in the distance.
  • I don't care that you are there and I am here because I am sure that when we look at the sky at night, we both see a single moon and a single starry sky. It's something that allows me to believe you're with me.
  • Imagine that the larger the space that separates us, the happier we will be the moment you return. When that happens, we will realize that things have a positive side because our love will be stronger than before.
  • Even though we're not around, I swear to you that every day I'll send you a thought that says I still love you the first time. I'll start with this... I adore you, my love.
  • It's all sadder when you're away from me, because you're my great passion and my half. For lovers who are truly united, separation represents a deep sadness.

Remote love phrases for whatsapp

  • Sometimes, separation allows you to value the person next to you.
  • With a deep sadness for not being able to dawn every day with you.
  • I have a great longing for sunrise, so it will be a little less for your return.
  • I want to let you know how much you represent in my life, my love for you grows daily.
  • I wish that geographical spaces did not exist in our lives.
  • I have the great joy that you are in my heart, even though we are not near.
  • The luck of both has wished that we meet, that is why it is indifferent to me how far we are, I know that it is simply a stretch that must travel the love that you and I feel.
  • Maybe I can't hug you, but the fact that you're far away doesn't stop me from dreaming about you every moment.
  • As time goes by, my love for you grows.
  • I'll wait for whatever it takes, because the jackpot's worth it.
  • I am indifferent to everything that surrounds me, simply for my joy I only need your presence in my heart, even if you are far from me.

What's the use of long-distance love phrases?

After seeing and exploring each of these phrases of love, you may need to understand how you can put them into practice and also what it is useful to know about them.

However, being away from the person you love always leads to the appearance of insecurities and doubts. Eventually you will question the love you have for each other, as well as the loyalty between them despite the distance. You'll also get an account of how many times that person remembers you and many more overwhelming thoughts.

These are insecurities that will in no way leave you with anything positive, what we do recommend is that you strengthen trust and love in your relationship, you must continue to show your affection to the one you love even though he is not with you.

Love messages miles away

One of the ways to show your love in the distance may be by sending texts to that special person. That is to say, by sending beautiful messages such as those you have observed here, you can even send it while that person sleeps so that he or she can read it when you open your eyes, in that sense you will be his or her first thought upon awakening.

We also recommend that you do not overdo the use of these texts because it is possible that your ideal person will end up believing that they are just empty phrases that don't make any sense to you. That is why the most feasible way is to advance slowly, writing them weekly so that in this way the period between one and another gives you the advantage of having them ready in time and achieve the desired result.

The most important point is that a beautiful love story from afar is not impossible, even if it is feasible that they are distant for a long time, they do not have to worry if they both love each other and are convinced of the strength of their love.

If you still need extra help, be sure that any of the long-distance love phrases we have selected for you will make you and that loved one feel better and you will be sure that your love will be strong and expect everything you need.

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